About Us

Growing up in Lafayette, LA, our Cajun foodways and culture ran deep in my heart. But it wasn't until attending college far from home that I realized my love for people and the stories behind their passion that I was steeped in back home. Following graduation, and armed with my Anthropology degree, I moved to Austin to seek my fortune. I enjoyed stints in documentary and major motion filmmaking, nonprofit work, and marveled at Austin's rise to tech glory as the first employee at the wildly successful BuildASign.com.

But all the while, I felt called to work with the people, products, and traditions that have captivated me since childhood. So I left my executive career with the dream of marrying new technology with old craft ways. Coterie Market was born in 2012 to make it easier to buy high-quality, locally-made, artisanal products.

Now, I'm thrilled now to bring you the best of Coterie Market in The Coterie Sampler, my signature experience of Austin-Made. The Coterie Sampler delivers, monthly, my favorite local foods & lifestyle goods, including custom created treasures collaboratively produced with chefs and designers.

My mission is to celebrate Austin's creative class, while giving back to my community, within the vision of a healthy local economy. I hope you will be as delighted as I am each day to discover the staggering number of world-class, award winning products that are made right here by gifted artists who call Austin home. Coterie is a French word indicating a group of like-minded people. It's a nod to my Cajun heritage and a great word to describe our community of people who advocate for a home, kitchen, and life filled with products that are truly made with care and love. I look forward to sharing the bounty and craftsmanship of our great city with you.

Chelsea Staires Sun
Founder, Coterie Market & The Coterie Sampler